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Qatari Diar Ras Al Hadd Development Company (QDRH) was established as a result of a partnership between Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company (Qatar) and Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran – representing the Government of Oman) by 70-30 per cent in order to develop a multi-use project in Ras Al Hadd.

Ras Al Hadd is a unique location. It is the first point in the Gulf where the sun rises. It is known for the diversity of its marine life and as being the meeting point of the two habitats of the Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

Ras Al Hadd is recognized as the most important breeding ground for green sea turtles and is home to a wide variety of birds. The attractive site itself has a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. It has an extended beach front with enclosed and secluded sand beaches. The site is almost flat with viewing platforms surrounded by ridgelines of low mountains. It has the potential as a destination for local, regional and international tourists to discover the stunning wildlife of the region, and to experience the history and hospitality of Omani culture.

The project site, which extends over a length of over 3.5km, covers an area of 197ha and is roughly 500m wide in its central part. It forms part of a rocky peninsula surrounded by two Khawrs (Khawr Al Hajjar and Khawr Al Jarama.) A number of sandy beaches line the coastal edge.


To strengthen the company’s position in the real estate development industry within the Sultanate of Oman, while representing and protecting the interests of our shareholders.


To successfully develop the area of Ras Al-Hadd into a touristic attraction that includes residential as well as commercial development opportunities, while maintaining the Omani traditions and culture.


  • Q – Quality Life: Provide the best services and highest quality life to all investors, residents and visitors.
  • D – Diverse Stakeholder Interests: Accommodate the different interests of residential, commercial and tourism related stakeholders.
  • R – Robust Growth: Effective and efficient growth of the company and its employees in a sustainable manner.
  • H – Hospitality: Honoring the needs and requirements of the local community, tourism sector and the governments of Qatar and Oman.
About QDRH
About QDRH